Once I have set up your space or planned your event, I am as eager as you are to see that it is maintained well, carried through to perfection, and generally continues to give satisfaction. I will, therefore, also conduct detailed workshops for you and your staff in the care of your installation.

Space Curation

I conduct training workshops for domestic staff in the maintenance of your space and all its content. Bedrooms, for instance, would call for care and installation of bed linen and the organisation and hygiene of your closets. Upholstered furniture in your living room and foyer would require regular vacuum cleaning and periodic shampoo treatment. Also, ornaments and light fixtures gather dust, which calls for dedicated procedures, as do delicate bric-a-brac, and the shelves and surfaces they occupy. Dining areas, require knowledge of table settings, plus the placement, usage and the care and maintenance of cutlery and crockery (china, glassware, flatware etc.)

Special Events

Space Styling also offers pre-event workshops for catering and wait staff, in which all aspects of making your event pleasant and memorable are covered. People matter in any endeavour; let Space Styling’s workshop help you get the best out of them. Call me.






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