Home Styling


Your home is more than four walls and a ceiling; it’s a statement of your emotions and mindset. Over time, you work the space into your own unique style, into a creation as personal as your signature, forging a bond as familiar as with another loved one.


Very often, though, you feel the need for the professional touch, an experienced little nudge from someone skilled in the art of Home Styling, to complete your vision. Depending on your wants and budget, I can offer style solutions to your new and existing set-ups, through to complete makeovers, and leave your space renewed, refreshed and infused with your own unique personality.


How it works


Call me to arrange a preliminary viewing of your space, where we will also discuss your vision, and the resulting requirements for the projects. We will cover in detail your overall vision for your home, its overall style, potential colour palette, materials and finishes, and similar vital details, based on which I will present a mood board and colour schemes, depending on your choice, establish a design brief for the project, and send you a detailed and comprehensive quote for the entire job.


PS: We are not an interior designing firm. Your project must be 70% completed or a finished space before we take over.





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